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Our School Badge, Motto, Houses...

Our School Badge:

Our School Badge over the years
The School Badge was probably introduced in the 1940s by the principal of that era, Mr Ho Seng Ong. The Straits Times reported on 24th April, 1930: "... (Under the new principal, Mr Ho Seng Ong) The school has now a properly organised house system - houses named after Messrs Loh Kim Swee, Chee Swee Cheng, Dodsworth and Shellabear...". It is believed that Mr Ho changed the names of the houses to those in use today when he introduced the School Badge.

Not much is available from the school annals or any other source on the original meanings for the design of our School Badge. The school's official website explains it as follows:

"Dalam lencana sekolah, harimau melambangkan semangat berani untuk menempuh segala rintangan dan  halangan demi mengecapi kejayaan.

Buku dan pena melambangkan tuntutan ilmu pengetahuan yang merupakan matlamat utama warga SMK Methodist (ACS).

Bintang dan lampu pula melambangkan peranan pendidikan dalam menerangkan hidup setiap insan.

'AD ASTRA PER ASPERA' merupakan motto sekolah"


In the school badge, the tiger symbolizes the courage to face all obstacles and barriers in order to be successful.

The Book and Pen symbolizes that the acquisition of knowledge is the main goal of citizens of SMK Methodist (ACS).

The Stars and Lamp signifies the role of education in the life of every person.

"AD ASTRA PER ASPERA" is the motto of the school

However, for an insight into the original meanings, we asked around and this is probably the best and most accurate explanation:

“All MACSians will recall that upon enrolment, you were assigned to one of the four 'Houses', namely Tagore, Lincoln, Baden Powell and Sun Yat-sen.

The Tiger is our National Animal and referred to as “Master & Judge of the Jungle” and “Lord of The Jungle” in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book on which Cub Scouting was based by Lord Baden Powell.

The Feather Pen and Book represents Rabindranath Tagore, a celebrated Indian poet, writer and musician.

The Three Stars represent the Nationalist China's (now Taiwan's) National Anthem, known as San Min Chu-I or three principles, and attributed to Sun Yat-sen.

Finally, the Lamp or eternal flame represents Abraham Lincoln for freeing the American Negroes from slavery and that freedom will never be extinguished.”

- Bien Hock Nien, Class of 1955

Excellent recollection by Bien, whose memory at age 73 still astounds me and many others!! Still, one must allow for differing though obvious views, like:

“I still think essentially they represent bravery, knowledge or wisdom, ambition and enlightenment.”

- Loh Teo Huang, Class of 1973

Our Malacca ACS Motto:
Ad Astra Per Aspera

Latin for "To the stars, through difficulties"

The Houses:

The Straits Times Clipping of 24th April, 1930:

A snap-shot of the CTB page on this topic:

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