Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Specialities of Malacca

Malacca is rich in history and culture despite having been labelled a sleepy hollow. Food is another area where many Malaccans, especially those living away from the state and visitors are so fond of and miss. 

There are many items unique to Malacca. Even the very popular Cantonese "Wanton Mee" while not a native Malaccan dish, is uniquely different in Malacca. Many a Malaccan will tell you how they missed Malacca wanton mee even as they dig into a delicious plate of the noodle at any one of Kuala Lumpur's more popular wanton mee stalls.

Other Malaccan delicacies...

Satay Celup. Sticks of meat, seafood, vegetables and tofu cooked as you eat  in a steam-boat like pot of thick hot gravy

Gula Melaka or palm sugar. Palm sugar is made by making several slits into the bud of a coconut tree and collecting the sap. Then, the sap is boiled until it thickens after which, in the traditional way, it is poured into bamboo tubes between 3-5 inches in length, and left to solidify to form cylindrical cake blocks. Malacca's famous gula melaka is used for cooking, cakes and desserts. "Melaka" is the official name for Malacca in the national language.

Kuih Keria, a local doughnut made from sweet-potato, deep fried and coated with a coating of hot melted gula melaka when still very hot. Try those from the stall at Limbongan near old Happyland. They make the doughnuts and other cakes there itself and start selling about 12noon. Usually sold out by about 3pm

Onde-onde, a traditional dessert item made from either sweet potato or glutenous rice with a filling of gula melaka and coated with grated young coconut flesh

Cendol. A local dessert with real gula melaka and optional real durian paste
Portuguese Baked Fish. This original Malacca dish is found at the Portuguese Settlement in Ujong Pasir, Malacca. The fish is baked with a hot chili paste (sambal) in foil-covered banana leaves. Try that at San Pedro Restaurant, an authentic Portuguese family run business located just outside the Portuguese Square within the settlement.

Nyonya Pineapple Tarts. A must-not-miss item especially for visitors to the Jonker Walk area. Demand always outstrips supply.

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